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Property Management Made Simple

Our team specialises in profitable, end-to-end property management solutions for Short and Long Term Rentals. As a result, we know how to adapt to market trends and achieve a premium price for your portfolio all year round.


As property investors ourselves, we understand the frustrations of managing one or multiple rentals at once. Staying on top of your occupancy rates, rental yield and marketing tactics are just a handful of obligations that can chew up your valuable time. But fret not – our in-house Airbnb specialists will simplify your hosting journey.



Not sure whether swapping to Short Term Rental is the best move for your portfolio? We will review your current position and recommend the ideal path to financial success. Whether you choose a Long or Short Term Rental strategy, our property specialists and automation systems will cut costs, free up your time and boost your rental yield.



Our stylists can turn spaces of all sizes into a VIP guest experience for cheaper than you think. From kitchen appliances to outdoor furniture, we can furnish your rental for the ultimate guest experience. So whether you’re after a fresh, beachy vibe or a cosy cottage getaway, we’ve got the magic touch to make your property the top choice.



AirTrip is always honest about your property’s potential and risks. We will recommend the best Short Term Rental and landlord insurance options for your portfolio’s size, location and requirements. In addition, our professional cleaning and maintenance team will help reduce repair costs by ensuring your property is in flawless condition all year long.


Like any hotel or holiday home, Short Term Rentals will always go through high and low seasons. Luckily, we know how to curate your listing to succeed. Our intelligent digital platforms and investor-focused Airbnb management team know how to maintain high occupancy rates throughout all market conditions.



More than 75% of Airbnb users agree that professional photographs greatly influence their booking decision. It’s the first impression your potential guest has of your property; and first impressions are everything. If a hotel or holiday rental only featured low-quality, unappealing photos, would you book it? AirTrip understands what your guests are looking for, and our professional photographers will make your property the crown jewel.



You can rely on us to analyse relevant guest and market data to identify your optimal price point. We ensure your Short Term Rental thrives despite changes in domestic travel, renter demand and investment trends. To guarantee this, we will typically install Dynamic Pricing. This strategy allows us to easily adjust your nightly rates in real-time in response to your area’s booking supply and demand, including location specific events.



A stand-out listing is all about detail, detail, detail. Using in-house style experts and industry-leading insights, we’ll create a listing that appeals to your ideal guest’s every need. By including thoughtful, personal touches and highlighting your property’s best features, we will encourage new and returning guests to book with confidence. We will drive guests straight to your listing using accurate industry data and secure a high influx of bookings.


Reap all the benefits of hosting without lifting a finger. AirTrip provides end-to-end Airbnb property management by taking care of your guests 24/7, 365 days a year. That’s right – our dedicated guest support team, professional cleaners and automated systems will take all the trouble out of Short Term Rentals.



Did you know that 95% of customers read reviews before buying a product? Your Short Term Rental is no different. Listings that feature over 80% of 5-star ratings become Superhosts with Airbnb, proving to future guests that they will have a pleasant stay. From bookings to property maintenance, you can rely on our attentive support team to go above and beyond for your guests for that 5-star rating.

Airtrip cleaning and maintenance


Short Term Rental guests have high expectations for their stay – and we intend to exceed them. Our in-house professional cleaners are highly experienced and efficient, with an impressive eye for detail. They will keep up with the frequent turnover of bookings, ensuring a luxury level of cleanliness. We guarantee a consistent service each time through regular inspections and quality assurance.

Airtrip inspections


There may be more frequent cleaning in a short-term rental, but we can't forget maintenance and repairs. We ensure the greatest care is taken when conducting routine inspections, to ensure that maintenance issues are identified and repairs are undertaken with quick turn around. Both of our Long Term and Short Term properties are routinely inspected and reports are available to our owners.


Choosing to build your wealth today will secure your dream lifestyle and strengthen the legacy you leave behind. With AirTrip, all this is possible and more! Our flexible set-up allows us to thrive in an ever-evolving rental market. We will apply intelligent property market data and strategic management plans to optimise your revenue and fulfil your financial goals.

Airtrip Investment plans


How amazing would it feel to finally pay off your mortgage? Or to leave that dull, dead-end job and still live comfortably? Our rental experts can help you set up an investment plan to smash your long-term goals. Using industry-leading data, in-depth appraisals and innovative software, we’ll locate the most profitable Long or Short Term Rentals for your portfolio.



Did you know that 95% of Airbnb operators don’t use Trust Accounting Systems? Typically, this is because they come with a long list of legal regulations. At AirTrip, we believe in delivering airtight security and peace and mind for both Long and Short Term Rentals. Your investment is a significant asset; we intend to enhance and protect it using technically advanced systems.

Airtrip pricing review


Reduce the financial risk of Short Term Rentals with our granular monthly reports. We’ll identify all recurring charges and install automated processes to minimise your spending and optimise your earnings wherever possible. In addition, we will manage all hosting operations for superior efficiency, boosting your rental yield and reducing room for error.