Airtrip – Flexible Property Management Services

Want To Join The AirTrip Team?

If you are motivated, passionate about property and have a genuine interest in helping others achieve their goals, introduce yourself! We are always looking to expand our team. Depending on your experience and desired role, we may have availability now or will keep you in mind for future opportunities.

How We Work

The AirTrip brand is shaped around Care, Transparency and Simplicity. Whether we’re speaking with our clients or customers in person, over the phone or digitally, we strive to communicate with integrity, professionalism and care.

We have several roles available for locals including property managers, administrators, leasing officers and the job title can range from assistant level to team leaders. We are always on the look out for fantastic new staff members to join our growing team!

We Care

Caring helps us to strengthen our relationships and develop valuable connections with our property partners. We communicate with empathy, trust and possess a genuine interest in helping others achieve their goals.

We Are Transparent

Our clients, guests and employees benefit from AirTrip’s authenticity and transparency. We don’t ever make promises that we cannot keep and are always open in our business transactions, rental strategies and recommendations.

We Are Simple, Yet Sophisticated

When something is simple, it’s easier to learn, understand and remember. To ensure everyone is on the same page, we try our best to keep all processes, messages and systems simple for owners, investors and guests.

Ready for a new challenge?

Contact us to find out what job opportunities we have available.