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Who Is AirTrip?

AirTrip is a dynamic collective of investors and property management experts dedicated to redefining the Short Term Rental experience. Our team consists of trusted advisors, financiers, developers and real estate professionals with years of experience in their respective fields

Our Story

During our many years of navigating the property market, we recognised the surge of holiday rentals and their many financial benefits. However, a severe lack of support, consistency & knowledge in Airbnb management for investors, hosts and guests made it a challenging market to tap into. 

For example, while some agencies help manage Short Term Rentals, most can’t manage multi-location portfolios, don’t offer the flexibility to switch between Long and Short Term strategies, and charge 50%+ of the Gross Rental Income as fees. 

Working directly with Airbnb hosts proved equally tricky, as 95%+ don’t use Trust Accounting or offer transparency on the rental process.

We decided this wasn’t good enough and made a plan to create an end-to-end, profitable solution for all. And so, AirTrip was born.

“As investors, we hope to maximise and maintain rental profits for your property also.”

We offer an Extensive range of services to support our property owners in the transition from Long Term to Short Term rentals.

As a company, we know what you need for a smooth-sailing journey. We hope to streamline the hosting experience so you can focus on more important things. As investors, we hope to maximise and maintain rental profits for your property. 

Finally, as everyday family members and friends who enjoy holidaying as much as the next, we strive to create a hotel-quality stay that will make your guests want to come back again and again.

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